Free 1-Year Subscription of Built On Purpose Newsletter by Justin Lee

Free 1-Year Subscription of Built On Purpose Newsletter

The Built On Purpose Newsletter introduces you to a great company driven by purpose every other week.
In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
- Thomas Jefferson

Introducing The Built On Purpose Newsletter

Every issue explores what world-changing companies stand for: from their big, hairy, and audacious purpose to the bedrock tent poles of their culture. 

Companies featured so far include Southwest Airlines, Airbnb, Apple, and more. 

I hope the companies from these newsletter will inspire and push you to make a difference as they have for me. 

What's included:

Receive one issue of Built On Purpose every other week in your inbox.

You will also get a PDF with links to  previous issues including:

  • Issue 1: Southwest Airlines
  • Issue 2: Airbnb
  • Issue 3: Evernote
  • Issue 4: Instagram
  • Issue 5: Johnson & Johnsonxd
  • Issue 6: Apple
  • Issue 7: Amazon
  • Issue 8: Guinness World Records

Uncover your company's purpose and create strategies that work.

Justin is a brand purpose consultant. 

He has been helping brands, companies, and teams clarify their purpose and develop purpose-driven strategies for the past decade.

He has worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers developing marketing strategies for companies around the world across industries including automobile, aviation, consumer goods, startups, and digital contents. 

Previously he worked as a baker in Paris and Tokyo. He collects recipe books and currently lives in Tokyo and Los Angeles.