Finding Purpose

A Simple Guide And Course To Uncovering The Purpose Of Your Business.
Purpose Exploration Canvas (Excel)
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Purpose Exploration Canvas (Word)
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Let's Get Started.
The Treasure Map To Purpose
Module 1: Discover Your Passions
Discover Your Passions
Key Concepts
1. Your Origin Story
2. Your Work
3. Your Dreams
Module 2: Find Your Strengths
Find Your Strengths
Key Concepts
1. Your Strengths
2. Your Offering's Strengths
Module 3: Understand Your Customers
Understand Your Customers
Key Concepts
1. Your Most Important Customers
2. What are their Needs?
Module 4: Identify the Essential ideas
Identify the Essential Ideas
Key Concepts
1. Essential Themes and Ideas
2. Determine Your Symbol
Module 5: Craft Your Purpose Statement
Craft Your Purpose Statement
Purpose Essence Canvas (Excel)
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Purpose Essence Canvas (Word)
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Purpose Mad Libs (Word)
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Purpose Mad Libs (Excel)
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Purpose Mad Libs (Numbers for Mac)
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Purpose Manifesto Template (Word)
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Purpose Manifesto Template (Pages for Mac)
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Key Concepts
1. Your Beliefs
2. Your Contributions
3. Express Your Purpose
4. The Purpose Manifesto
Celebrate Your Purpose