Welcome to the Finding Purpose Course.

Finding Purpose Course is a 7 day course with 6 modules. The Introduction and Module 1 is now available. The remaining modules will be made available to you over the next week. (You'll receive an email when a new module is available.) 

To get started, we have two simple tasks today:
  1. Download the worksheets
  2. Go through the introduction

Module 1 is also available, so you can also go through that module if you'd like to. 

Before we get started, here’s a quick overview of how the course is structured. 

Six Modules
The course has six modules: 
  1. Discover Your Passions
  2. Find Your Strengths
  3. Understand Your Customers
  4. Identify the Essential Ideas
  5. Craft Your Purpose Statement
  6. Celebrating Your Purpose

Each module includes two parts: key concepts and exercises. 

Three Worksheets
The course comes with three worksheets.
  1. The Purpose Exploration Canvas 
  2. The Purpose Essence Canvas
  3. The Purpose Mad Libs

They are available in three formats: Excel, Word, and Numbers. I personally recommend the Excel and Numbers format as you can easily add comments and insert cells if you run out of space. 

Getting Started
You can download all worksheets in the Welcome section of this course. 

Alright, let’s get the show going.

Finding Purpose

A Simple Guide And Course To Uncovering The Purpose Of Your Business.

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