Have you seen the movie Mickey’s Christmas Carol? (I first saw it when I was a kid and I think it was where I picked up the phrase, ba humbug.)

The main character, Uncle Scrooge, who owns an accounting company, doesn’t really like Christmas. On one Christmas, he is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past who takes him back in time to when he was young. He comes back to today to be visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present, who shows him the hardships of his employees. Finally, he gets a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future, who takes him to, yes that’s right, the future. However, it wasn’t a future Uncle Scrooge expected. 

He wakes up and decides to change the future by doing nice things for his employees and friends, and donating to charities. 

Finding Passion in the Past, Present, and Future
What would you see if the Christmas Ghosts took you to visit your past, present, and future?
The story of Mickey’s Christmas Carol centers on the past, present, and future. It's also a neat little framework for us to find our passions and the things we love. 

Why revisit the past and why look to the future?
What are you passionate about in your work? I'm sure you have some awesome answers that reflects the present state, but there just might be some answers your team doesn't even realize. 

To make sure we don't miss those gems, that's why we revisit the past and look to the future.  Here's how.

Revisit the past
Imagine you are writing a history book about your business. 
  • What were the worst moments? 
  • What were the best times? 
By identifying those events and understanding why they were good or bad, you can learn about what you value the most. 

Look to the Future
Close your eyes. Picture the DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future in front of you. Imagine getting into the vehicle and setting the time for five years later... and boom! You step out and go to your workplace. You see your team. What kind of achievements will your team and you have accomplished. How has everyone grown? 

Thinking about the future gives a glimpse of the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of your team. 

Finding Purpose

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