When identifying your team's strengths, there are actually two sets of strengths to look for: 
  1. The strengths of your team
  2. The strengths of your team's output (I.e. Product, service, or experience)
Let's use a favorite movie of mine as an example. 

Remy and Linguini - the tag team from
Have you ever seen the movie Ratatouille

The movie is about a rat named Remy and a boy called Linguini. Remy has a gift for cooking. On the other hand, Linguini can't really cook, but happens to work in a kitchen of a 3-star restaurant in Paris. Remy helps Linguini cook by hiding in his hat and instructing him. In short, Remy is the brain, and Linguini are the hands; they work together to make delicious food. 

Strengths of the Remy and Linguini tag team
What kind of resources do Remy and Linguini have? What gives their team an edge? (In fancy business lingo, what's their competitive advantage?)

The first thing that comes to mind is skills. Remy cooks really well. What's more, he has knowledge he gained from studying cookbooks.

But skills and knowledge aren't the only strengths they have. Here are other things they have:
  • Equipment - Access to a kitchen, tools, and a cook book 
  • Mentors - the ghost of Gusteau (a famous chef) and Collet (a girl and veteran cook of the restaurant)
  • Partners - the waiters that deliver the food and suppliers who provide the best ingredients
  • Brand - Their restaurant, Gusteau's, has three stars and carries the name of a great chef
When we examine the strengths of your team, here are some questions to get started with:
  • What are your skills?
  • What knowledge or know-how does your team have?
  • What kind of resources and assets do you have?
The strengths of what Remy and Linguini creates
Now let's talk about what Remy and Linguini create. Their product.

What's so special about their food creations? Well, supposedly it's extraordinarily delicious. Food critiques described their dishes as a "revelation", and the soup - a "spicy yet subtle taste experience." 

What makes your product or service different? What sets it apart? What gives it a leg up over your competition? These are questions to help you understand the strengths of your product. 

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